Are You Musically Talented?

     Are you one of those people that can play musical instruments? I know I'm not. I would like to think that I can feel the music, and it would be amazing if I could just pick up an instrument and play expertly. But, that is not how it works. Some people are born with that sense of creativity built right into them. I think it is amazing to watch someone rock out on the guitar, or beat the drums like its nobody's business. To just feel that passion flowing out of them and into their music is awe-inspiring.
     Just last week, at church, there was an amazing worship service. I think a lot of what sets the mood for that is the people that are placed up front to lead us in worship. There was a drummer smashing out the beats while 3 guys played on their guitars, and a man and woman sang.  Their talents help pump up the crowd to sing praises! Of course, the man upstairs definitely gave them their skills to share with us.