Kat and Alyce cont.

So Alyce goes back to sleep finally. I gave a huge sigh of relief. Normally they sleep in the little bedroom on the Kraftmatic. Since I now sleep on it (for my sleep apnea), they are relegated to the couch or the floor and it's too cold down there.

Steve gets the nightlights turned on, I take my meds and we say goodnight. Not too long after that Steve wakes me cause Alyce is crying. This time she wanted her daddy. I got her calmed down and she went back to sleep.

The final time she woke up crying, I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me (mind you I sleep on a twin size bed). Yep, she wanted to sleep with me. I didn't think about my sleep apnea device until we lay down, so I just said, "Grandma has to wear a funny thing on her head and nose to be able to breathe at night." She kind of smiled at me as I put it on and we both tried to go to sleep again. After five minutes, she wanted to go sleep with Kat again. So, back to the couch she went and we slept till morning (thankfully).

Maybe Steve and I should go get term life insurance advice, what do you think? Halfmoon