I Love that He Loves Me

This is a pic of my beloved and I. I met Steve when going to my sister's house to drop my daughter off so I could get allergy shots. He was helping my BIL put a ceiling up in the basement. Of course that is the direction my niece and nephew let me into the house.

Picture this: I had my hair in a pony tail on the top of my head with four soup can size pink rollers up there (to straighten my hair), no makeup, looked really great. He turned and smiled at me as I walked in. I wanted to die!

When I got upstairs I grabbed my sister (Jackie) and said, "Let me guess, that's Steve, right?" I got it right on the first time. "Why didn't you let me know he'd be here? Look at me!" She smiled and said, "You wouldn't have come." And she was right. Well, I tore the curlers out of my hair, put on my makeup and met him properly!

Jackie was the secretary at the office Steve worked in at Offutt AFB. She had been trying to get the two of us to meet for quite some time. For pity's sake, she showed him my senior pic from high school. You know black horned rim glasses! Brother. He wasn't that eager to be hooked up either.

Jackie invited me for supper after I had my shots and when she told me it was fried chicken, I readily agreed. "Oh, good, " she said, "Steve's staying, too!" What a sister! Well, I had my shots, went back and ate my supper, and when the guys were in the living room, I grabbed Jackie in the kitchen and said, "He's kinda cute!" She said, "I TOLD YOU HE WAS!"

You have to know my sis is 8 years older than me and I wasn't sure my cute and hers were the same thing. You have to picture Steve clean-shaven and a GI haircut. I ran around with a crowd where the guys had long hair. I couldn't even picture Steve with longer hair. But, he WAS cute.

I told Steve and his friends that my friends and I were going to the Lifticket Lounge later. If they didn't have plans, I'd introduce them to my friends. Notice, it wasn't for me. When we got there, the guys were already there. I introduced everyone and we found a table to sit and listen to the hillbilly rock music the Lifticket was known for.

Steve's two friends weren't into that type of music (they wanted hard rock) so they soon left. Thus leaving Steve with the three of us girls. He invited me to go eat breakfast with him and I declined, stating I came with my friends. Both of my friends were encouraging me to go with him. I finally said yes and we left the lounge.

That was the beginning of the rest of my life. Here I am in what will be 33 years of marriage in July. When I look back at how thin I was when Steve and I met, then I look at me now, I am amazed by the changes in us, yet our love has stood the test of time. My hands are so wrinkled, they remind me of my Mom's hands when I look at them. I wonder if wrinkle creams would work on them.

Some days I marvel that Steve loves me, though I've gained so much weight. Alth0ugh I am on the downside of the scales again, I still have a lot to lose to meet my goal. He fluctuates between 5 and 7 lbs more than he was when we met. Man!


Heather said...

That made me cry. I love you guys! And mom, you're beautiful!