Myleogram (Sp?)

This Wednesday, May 9, I have to go get a Myleogram done.  The paperwork says it is the same thing as a spinal tap.  Yuck.  I will admit I am nervous about getting this done.

From what I understand, they put a needle in your spine (low back) and draw some spinal fluid out.  Then they insert a dye.  The next step is to tilt the table up and then down so the dye goes throughout the spine.  I'm not sure what they do after that.

I'm supposed to lie down for 24 to 48 hours or else I will get a severe headache.  Great, huh?  I think Steve needs to look for a double chaise lounge that I can lay on outside in the shade (weather permitting).

I am not looking forward for Wednesday to come.  At night now, I lay there with my eyes closed and think about having it done.  Then I pray to the Lord to get me through this.  I covet your prayers.  I need His peace.