Is she a cutie or what? She turned 11 this summer, but I swear she looks years older. We were at Josh's last night and I was on his computer blogging when she came into the living room. She didn't know we were there and when she saw me, she went, "Oh!" and got this big grin on her face. I just loved it! I tell you, I just eat it up when my grandkids love to see me!
I know what some of my kids and grandkids would like this Christmas, Wii accessories. We were at Abby's a couple times and we played games on the Wii board (I guess you call it that). You could bowl, ski, walk on a tightrope, play hula hoop, or a whole smorgasbord of other games. I loved it!
Anyway, it's really grand to see your kids' kids growing up. I sure am enjoying being a grandma, if you can't tell. Have a great day! Halfmoon