Ok, did I tell you I had 3 teeth filled and needed to go back to have a fourth tooth worked on (crown)? Well, we're waiting for the insurance to get a pre-estimate or something back to the dentist. Two nights ago I had another piece of that tooth break off and it's scratching the heck out of my tongue.

I called Dr. McNurlen's office this morning and would you believe it, they had a cancellation at 1:30 today. So back to the dentist I went. I received the prerequisite of two shots, yuck. Then it was under the drill again.

One and a half hours later, with half of my mouth numb, I was given the ok to get out of the chair. Whew! We laughed about how often I'm in their office and I told them I was just doing my part to support them. The dental assistant laughed and said they should put up a plaque with my name on it!

Since I've had my annual and cardiac exams, surgery on my hand, and my teeth fixed, maybe now I should have a colon cleanser review. What do you think? I've heard not only is it good for you, you lose weight! You all know how I feel about that. (I've gone down another pound and a half :) Halfmoon