Steve and I have been borrowing DVDs from libraries to watch at night because we are tired of the selections of shows on television. We went through the 'Everybody Loves Raymond' series (which I loved). Now we are watching the 'Mash' series.

We sat down tonight to watch the next episode and when we turned on the set, the premiere of 'Medium' was on. Since I saw the final episode of the last season, I was hooked. I guess Mash will have to wait. Do you ever get fixated on a series? I loved 'Moonlight' and I don't even know if it will be on this season. I also liked Heroes but the last season just didn't do it for me so I quit watching it.

I sat in the living room typing this on my computer and then I'll cut and paste this in my blog tomorrow so technically I wrote this on the 25th! Steve mentioned he wished we had the capacity for a Linksys router so we both could be on the internet at home, wouldn't that be cool?

Today is now Mikayla's birthday, the big ONE YEAR OLD will be walking all over the place. I can't wait to see her! Happy Birthday, Mikayla! Halfmoon