Cambria Ann Manning!

After a long night at Mercy, the time was at hand for my tenth grandchild to come into this world. Shelley let me stay in the room this time and I really treasured that. When the nurse told Shelley to start pushing, I couldn't believe it. Shouldn't we wait for the doctor?

I shouldn't be so surprised about it, they did the same thing with Heather and Abby. I'd just feel safer to wait until the doctor is around. It was only a few pushes and the doctor walked in and took over. Whew!

What was scary is that when the baby's head emerged, the cord was tight around the neck. The doctor acted quickly, cutting the cord, then another push or so and little Cambria was born. Talk about an emotional high!

And then Joshua cut the cord (that was still attached to the baby), which he hadn't planned to do. I was so proud of him! Speaking of being proud, Shelley did so well through the labor! Taylor and Carter met their new sis (Carter, after he woke up).

Taylor was there at her Mom's shoulder through the delivery, I think she's even more mature now than she was before she walked into the hospital. She is so proud of her little sister, and she really helps out with Carter.

As I was saying before how time flys by, it won't be long and Carter will be zooming up and down skateboard ramps. Just kidding, he's only 2 1/2 right now.

Cambria is so beautiful! 6 Lbs., 15 Oz's. and I think she was 19 1/2 inches long. What a day to remember! Halfmoon