It's Finally Over!

After waiting what seemed like forever, my mediation hearing was finally held today. While I didn't get very much, I am thankful that I didn't have to go to court. That would have meant waiting another month (stressing out more) and, of course, going through the trial and possibly ending up with less.

My back was killing me throughout the meeting, which meant getting up and walking till it hurt worse, then sitting down again until the pain would get stronger there. Sometimes my life bites. Thank goodness I have Steve to get me through all this.

Steve and I both want to lose weight so we might look into Stimerex ES. Anything would help get us motivated to go in the right direction. Right now the onle exercise I get is when we walk around our land. I have to make quite a few stops to get around it once.

We now have grandchild #10!!!!! Stay tuned for more on that news. Halfmoon