At Her New Home

Home at last! Ok, the 1st pic is in the hospital, but the rest are all at home. Cambria is settling in just fine. Well, she has her days and nights mixed up, but, most babies do at first.

She sure is wide awake in this one. She really likes laying in grandma and grandpa's arms (especially grandpa's). I cannot wait to get this cast off so I can cuddle her.

Does he look like a proud grandpa or what? I will have to say he has mellowed over the years toward his grandkids.

Josh is going to need a new house pretty soon. With all the incentives on first-time homebuyers, it would be neat if they could qualify for one. Have you seen the stone sinks you can have installed? Way cool! Actually, I wish we could have a new ranch with some of them put in.
Oh, well, I'm such a happy grandma. What more can I say? Halfmoon