Just thought I'd try to get these pics put in here that I took the day of Cambria's birth.

This pic of Tay and Josh looking at Cambria looks like they are looking on with approval and satisfaction. Tay doesn't show her emotions much with words but her face shows what she is feeling. I suppose she gets that from both of her parents.
Of course you have to have a pic of the grandparents!

Taylor is growing up so fast. She was my first grandbaby (first granddaughter, too)! What a joy it is to see your grandkids grow up. Then there was Jordan (second grandchild, but first grandson). Man, my heart just bursts with pride. To think that I now have 10 grandchildren, it's almost overwhelming.

Here's a pic of the contrast between Josh and Cambria's hands. I zoomed in on it so you won't see her face here, but, I just hand to catch Josh doing this.

She is such a sweetheart, as you can see.

The look of wonder in Carter's eyes is so beautiful. It truly shows what a wonder creation is.

Shelley sailed through this birth just like she did the last one. She's feeling really good and teased Josh by saying she still wants 5 kids!
Have a great day and be blessed! Halfmoon