Still One Handed

OK, well I'm still one handed and it's left at that, so this may take awhile and please forgive any typos. Going to the library really bites, also, by the way. It is the day after Labor Day and I had 3 teeth filled at 1:30! I have a crown to be done so we're talking major dental again. I brush my teeth, honest. The bad thing was the three teeth were not in the same areas so 3/4 of my mouth was numbed and worked on.

Heather has her desktop working again. I don't think she had backed up her computer before the pop was spilled and caused a major problem with her system. That is where having online backup would come in handy. I don't know how to backup my laptop. I guess I'd better give Heather a jingle and ask her how to do that. Or maybe Steve knows now that he's been taking Microsoft classes re the computer.

Sunday our kids and all our grandkids, except Sydney, came out to eat and visit. Everyone who hadn't signed my cast, did so. My kids are sooooo funny. Each of them wrote something that would kid their siblings. We all had a great time, as usual. It was wonderful!

That's it for now. I'll catch ya on the flip side when my newest grandbaby makes her debut. Cambria Ann Manning is supposed to arrive Thursday,but ya never know! Halfmoon