I received a message from Sue on Word's With Friends that they were on their way to Adventureland today.  I cannot immagine driving all the way to Des Moines to go there when the Iowa State Fair is on at the same time. 

The pictures looked like they were having fun (the kids atleast).  Skip mentioned he needed to clear his head for 30 minutes after riding the Dragon.  Josh told him not to forget the Silly Silo and Skip said it is broke this year.

Sue sent me a message that they were just passing Waukee.  At least they didn't need to get immigration lawyers in los angeles in order to get back home.  Which is refreshing, right?

I haven't gone to Adventureland, or the Iowa State Fair since Heather was probably 15 or 16!  Can't say I miss all the walking, or trying to get a parking place, or the $$ involved in going either place.   Have you made it to the Fair yet?