Ronda Came to Town

A friend from high school came from Texas (where she currently lives with her husband).  The deal was, we were to meet at a place called the Lighthouse Lounge, in Council Bluffs.  At least 5 other girls from my school were planning on coming to this get together.

Then, a guy from our school decided to invite the 1967  - 1972 classes out to his house.  He lives in a log cabin in Crescent which is a little north and east (I think) of Council Bluffs.  I hadn't planned to go to that as I really only wanted to see my friends.  Not people who didn't even graduate with me.

Steve and I met my friend, Connie, outside the 'lounge'.  I was dismayed when I saw what class of people frequented this place.  Now I'm not normally the type that feels like I'm 'above' people, but clearly, I didn't run around with this crowd.   Let's just say, if I had gold coins for sale, I would steer clear of this place.

Ok, now I am bad, but you know what?  I don't care.  There's just some places I would not choose to be.  There I said it.    Ronda and her husband arrived late (9:20 or so, we expected them at 7).  We visited with them the short amount of time they could share with us. 

None of my friends (except Connie) came, how disappointing.  After about 30 or so minutes, I told Connie we were leaving, she walked out with us.  We had a drive ahead of us so I wanted to get started.  How was your weekend?