Linda's Coming Over Tonight

As this is Thursday, it is the night Linda comes over to spend the evening here.  I just love Thursday nights.  We start out with Linda giving me my three allergy shots.  Then we each grab something to drink, water normally.

We both decided around the same time to quit drinking pop.  Yes, I know, some people call it soda,  I call it caffeine free Dr. Pepper.  I do still love it, but I always equate it with smoking and I've cut down on smoking drastically.  I used to smoke about a carton a week, now I'm down to one pack a week or less.

Steve's noticed the change in me and commented  on more than one occasion.  (Which makes me happy that he's noting I am trying to quit.)

Back to Linda, we normally watch a few television shows, but, now they are mostly reruns and some times we've seen the shows three or more times.  Boring.