Did I Tell You....

that we are in the process of getting a new sidewalk and patio?  It is so exciting.  I never thought I'd ever have a new patio.  The old one was so broken and so many weeds were growing in the cracks.

Steve has been digging, digging, digging and slamming down the sledgehammer breaking up the old concrete.  We have a huge pile of concrete pieces in the back by the place where we used to store our trees that were cut down.

You cannot believe how much glass we have found.  2 sacks full of broken glass.  A half of an antique glass, too bad it wasn't all there.  We've found 2 marbles a few pennies and 1 quarter.  I think it was a 1965 quarter, so not worth a lot.

Maybe we'll find a treasure yet, you never know.