We Got Some Help Today

Steve II, beautiful Amber, Sydney, and Jadah (my two beautiful granddaughters) came out today.  With the intent of B-B-Qing for lunch.  Steve II did the grilling as his Dad was working on the new sidewalk he is getting ready to put in.

They brought out brats w/mushrooms and swiss cheese and brats with jalapeno (whew), chips and dip, and corn on the cob.  It was all delicious.  Steve told his Dad to take a break and eat lunch.  After the brats were on the grill and after eating, Steve II helped shovel the area for the new sidewalk with his Dad.

They accomplished  a lot today.

Hopefully we won't need bankruptcy free consultation after all is said and done.  I'm just kidding, we have budgeted for this project.  I'm so happy, cannot wait to have it done.

I used to chase the shade around the old patio while I was outside reading.  Now I sit out in the grassy area finding shade where I can next to a table.  If I cannot find shade near the 2 tables, I sit in the shade and drag the kids picnic table next to me.  Then I drag the big wheel to put my feet up on.

Some day soon, I'll have my patio and new sidewalk!!!!!