Glitter & Rust

My pastor's wife and our lead guitarist at church have formed Glitter & Rust....I cannot wait to hear what they play together.  I mean, I've heard them at church every week, along with Tyler (guitarist) and Tony (drummer).

When the above group plays in church, it is awesome.  And some Sundays my daughter, Heather, is the singer (when Tracey is out of town).

Note, the picture below.....this is Glitter & Rust.  How awesome is that!  I hope we are able to go to their performance.  Glitter & Rust will be performing Friday, August 2nd at Panorama Days - 4PM under the Gazebo on the Square.  So, I'm assuming it is at Lake Panorama, or at least Panora.  That's tomorrow, wow!


It will be great to hear the two of them and to see what type of songs they will sing.  I wonder if they will have a dbx driverack at musicians friend.  

Regardless, I'm sure it will be fantastic!  Hope to see you there.  So, if you're in the area......come on over!