Steve called me as I was frying up a lb of bacon.  They were coming out to drop a coupon for the new medicine I've just been put on.  I asked them if they'd eaten yet.  No, they'd eat after they went back home.  I didn't have enough bread to feed them, too.  I immediately called him back and said "if you bring some bread for your sandwiches, you can have BLTs with us".  He said that was awesome.

So, I finished the bacon, cut up a bunch of tomatoes, cut up cucumbers, and cooked a mess of green beans (with some chunks of bacon in it).  I ate my cucumbers while waiting for them to arrive.  They still weren't here, so I ate my sandwich, too.  Then when they got here, I was munching on the green beans, and they were delicious.

Steve made sandwiches for he and Amber, then we all went outside.  Vito got to have time off his leash and then Steve took him for a run out in our field.  Once again, it was a wonderful visit.  I just love it when they come over.