Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Did you know that Gibson guitar is totally made by hand?  Oliver Gibson is the company founder and he invented this archtop guitar in the 1890s.  He produced these and archtop mandolins in a one-man work-shop from then until 1902.  At that point, he was unable to keep up with the demand and so he sold the name to a group of music store owners and lawyers.

In 1926, Gibson made flat-top guitar thinking it was more of a beginner guitar.  College students, servicemen, those who sing the blues, and even some country western singers began strumming on these guitars.

Gibson had competition with newcomer Epiphone.  The rivalry ended in 1957 due to his buying Epiphone.  With the production of the Super Jumbo, made with rosewood back and sides before the war and maple after.  Performers played on these guitars at the Grand Ole Oprey and Country Western circuits.

You can find gibson acoustic guitars at musicians friend even now.  Some of the people you may recognize who used Gibson guitars are the Beatles, and the Everly Brothers.

Are you hooked yet?  If you play guitar at all, you know a lot about the Gibson brand.  Save up for the greatest guitar in the world..