The 2nd Day of Migraines

I  had cortisone shots in both knees Tuesday as I wrote about previously.  I took a pill to try and stave off the migraine minutes before the needles were inserted to drain and then insert the cortisone.

I actually was migraine-free that evening.  However, Wednesday morning the migraine started.  I took one pill (I can take 1 or 2) since I didn't know how this new med would react.  That was around 9 AM.  By 11:00 AM I took the 2nd one.  Around 6 PM I took two more  to no avail.

This morning, I took two, still am fighting the migraine.  I left a message at 9 AM for the doctor to see if I can take more than two at a time.  I am at the lowest dose (50 mg) of this med.  It also comes in 100 and 150 mg, so I hope I can up the dose.

Do you need a business line of credit in order to get a call back from the doctor's office?  I called at 4:15 PM again to see if there was an answer for me yet.  Apparently they are waiting for the doctor to respond.

It gets very frustrating.  I love my doctor and have been going to her since Abby was about two years old and that was around 1982.  She knows my whole history, I hate to start over with a new doctor to go to.

Any suggestions for me to get them to respond quicker?