Bad Luck

If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all! Thursday I walked out to the garage, slipped on the ice, and fell face downward. Luckily I was carrying my gym bag and it landed between me and he ground. I crawled to the garage door opening an held onto the frame of the garage door to help get up to me feet. Then I walked carefully into the garage and put my purse and glass of ice in the car.

I still had to pick up my gym bag and the computer which was laying on the ice. Talk about being scared! I walked as slow as a snail back onto the ice, bent down, and picked up those two items and my nerves screaming, walked back into the garage and put them into the car. I wiped off the knees of my jeans as best as possible, then got into the car.

Okay, I was in a little pain, but, figured I would be after taking such a spill. I decided to continue on and drove to the Urbandale Library. My plans were to meet Steve there. He had a class to go to and I could go with him. I always feel bad when I see someone with severe acne. To know what happened next, read on.