Babysitting at Jay's

I told Josh we'd watch their kids before I fell and got hurt (that's another story). I figured we could still do it with me talking Grandpa through it all. Actually, it's gone pretty good so far,

Cambria needed a bottle so I got it warmed and Grandpa fed her 3/4 of it and she fell asleep. I told him to burp her. He looked panicked but as soon as he put her up on his shoulder, she let out a big burp. It was great.

Steve put her back into his lap and started feeding her the rest of the bottle. Next thing I know, she's asleep again and he had his eyes closed. I asked him if he wanted to put her into the bouncy, and he just wanted to hold her. I thought that was so sweet.

It finally got up to thirty degrees but the last two weeks we were in the freezing zone. Made a person want to check out Michael Kors leather gloves.

Here's hoping it stays warm for a while. Halfmoon