Time Alone Again

Now that Steve is going to school, I am finding myself at home alone again. It is a time for transitioning. When he first was layed off, I thought I would go crazy with him being with me 24/7. It didn't take long for me to start enjoying the time we had together. In May we decided he should have his injured rotator cuff taken care of, since he was off work anyway. That required 6 months healing time so it was a big decision. Turns out he would have still been layed off, so it was a good decision.

We've gotten even closer than we were before, with him being home. And it has been great to be able to just pick up and go when we want to. Of course, it would be better if we had income coming in like when he worked; but, we're doing fine so far.

Back to being on my own again. With him going to school, and my left arm incapacitating me, I am stuck at home. Normally, I would be going crazy by now. However, with the new medication I'm on, I spend a lot of time sleeping. Nothing like a quiet house when you need to sleep. I love it. Today when Steve gets out of class, he is going to come get me so we can do something together. I can hardly wait. Hope you're having a great day and a wonderful weekend. Halfmoon

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