Broken Bone

If you've ever broken a bone, you know what it is like to have xrays taken when you have a broken bone. I felt like such a baby for crying out whenever they would change the position of my arm for the next xray. I apologized over and over for crying out and then sobbing between xrays. I know the xray tech felt bad every time she had to move me. I prayed "Dear Lord please help me get through this."

After the doctor brought the news of the broken bone, I had to have my arm in a 90 degree angle for the splint. The nurse was a male and I felt like punching him with my good arm by the time it was done. He grabbed my wrist and jerked my arm up fast. I wanted to position it myself. When it was over, I lay there sobbing.

Steve's face was pretty red by the time it was all over. I felt bad that he had to see me go through so much agony. I was finally discharged, we went to HyVee to get my script. They ordered me morphine in a pill form, which should tell you how much pain I was in. After my cast is off I think I'll get some age spot remover for the spots on my arms. That's it in a nutshell! Have a great day and watch out for the ice! Halfmoon