Are you thinking about going to college but you're working and wonder if you can work and attend college at the same time? Western Governor University deserves your attention. It was founded by 19 U.S. governors who wanted to have quality higher education for working adults.

After researching several online colleges, and having attended some myself, I was highly surprised that I've finally found a university that is "competency-based". The term is a full six-months in length, has a flat rate every six months, not per-credit, and you can complete as much as you are able during that term. Therefore you can complete your assessments and start the next ones without having more cost. Those students who progress faster save more.

You'll also be able to take advantage of what you already know. If you have experience in your field, you can apply it to pass the assessments quicker, so no more spending time or money studying material you already know. I've been considering taking more schooling, myself, and I'm going to look into WGU for an online degree and encourage you to do the same!