Little Cambria

We went to Josh's the other night as he invited us to have tacos with him and Carter (Taylor was at a friend's house). I always love it when our kids invite us to eat with him (no cooking for me!!!!).

I've asked Shelley to send me some current pics of the three kids so I can share them with you. Taylor is sure growing up, Carter is getting bigger, too, and Cambria is getting a little chunky. I offered to feed Cambria a bottle so Josh could eat with Steve and Carter. I just love it when I can do that.

Man, she drank down the whole bottle and I think there was eight ounces in it. Then she burped right away. I always had a tough time getting our kids to burp. It was sure a joy to be able to hold her and feed her, I just loved it.

When Shelley gets pics sent to me, I'll enter them in my blog. Being on the computer, I just remembered I need to do an online backup so I won't lose any of this. Have a great day! Halfmoon


Heather said...

On those pictures you sent me, I can so see some of Josh in Cambria. I don't know what it is, but she kinda looks like her daddy.

Love you!