Mikayla And the Pizza

Tuesday we picked up Mikayla from her sitter as Abby had a class to attend. Since we had just picked her up the night before (Abby didn't get off work Monday until 6), she was happy to see us again. Steve knew how to buckle her car seat now (practice, practice, practice), so she jabbered while he did it. Then we were off for the drive to her house.

We decided to ordered pizza to be delivered so I gave Mikayla some beef strogenoff that we'd had the night before. She kept trying to take the spoon from me so I finally just gave it to her. She picked it up and proceeded to feed herself with the spoon. I couldn't believe it. There she was feeding herself like a pro! Don't you think that is a feet grandma should be told?
The pizza delivery was going to take 45 minutes so by the time Mikayla ate two bowls of the strogenoff (and some green beans), She was ready to get down. About two minutes passed and the pizza was delivered. Steve took it to the kitchen and Mikayla stood at her high chair to eat again. What a champ!

We gave her a small piece of pizza which she nibbled on. Next thing I know, she pulls an olive off her piece and proceeds to take all the cheese off of it and keeps handing me the cheese. I was puzzled by that as she loves cheese. Then she popped the olive into her mouth. She continued to do this with the remaining mushrooms and olives. Now I love mushrooms and olives so I pick the pieces with the most mushrooms and olives I can find. After Mikayla has eaten all of her mushrooms and olives, she starts eyeing my pizza. Oh, no, I'm not giving her mine. I found another piece in the box with quite a few mushrooms and olives and her eyes lit up.

By the time Steve and I are full, I decided she had had enough. She must be ready to explode, she'd eaten so much. Steve got her out of the highchair again and we headed to the living room. Steve sat down and proceeded to read the newspaper. Mikayla took a page of it after she climbed up on the couch. She sat back and held the paper up and acted like she was reading the paper too. she held the paper with one hand and pointed to the words with the other. It was so darned cute, I wished I'd had my camera with me.

At 8 pm we told her it was time for bed and she got down from the couch and held her arms out for us to walk her to the bedroom. What a riot. After changing her diaper and giving her hugs, Steve put her in her bed and we told her goodnight. She smiled, turned onto her tummy and grabbed her bear, ready to go to sleep. Man, our kids never went to bed that easy! That was our night with our granddaughter. Hope your night was as great as ours. Halfmoon

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