Getting Sore

I beat Steve to the library and was getting a little more sore, but figured that would happen. I could move my left arm in all directions and figured I'd be sore, so I didn't think too much about it. My low back was screaming with pain and worried that I caused more damage to it. I got the computer set up and started going through my emails and blog site. Did you know you can get free seo software?

When Steve arrived, I told him about the fall and I'd decided not to attend his class as I wanted to go to the Y to sit in the whirlpool to see if that would help with the pain. By 1:00, I couldn't move my left arm without extreme pain. I let Steve know I was going to go home and put ice on my arm and back. Did I want him to drive me home? You know me, I'm tough (I have to be to endure all I've been through), I told him no. What happened next? Keep reading!