All The Accidents On Our Road

I'm sure I've written before about all the accidents that have been on our road.  Heather, Steve II, and Josh were in a bad one when Josh was 16.  Abby was in one with two of her friends.  Then, Abby was in one by herself which was so bad the Sheriff after he saw Abby's car, it was a miracle she made it out alive. Then a neighbor (down the road, was killed when his truck went off the road.  There was also a time when we were on vacation when Abby couldn't get her seatbelt off and every time we tried to fix it, it got tighter until she had trouble breathing.  That was a rental car.  Steve ended up using a pair of fingernail clippers to cut it off her.

Since Abby's accidents happened, she has been terrified driving on our road and on gravel anywhere else.  She had a fear  of being trapped in the car.  Finally, I bought her a seatbelt cutter.  I got me one, too.

It also can break the window so you can get out if the window won't roll down.  Times are scary these days.  I remember hearing about a woman whose car went into a river and she couldn't get the window down, she actually died because of it.

I recommend everyone get one of these because you're better safe than sorry.