The weather is finally changing, it is getting a little chilly outside.  We've had pretty nice weather all summer.  Not the usual hot, hot, hot.  There was never enough rain.  The farmers had crops affected, everyone else had their grass go brown early.  As a matter of fact, everything happened early.  Acorns falling from the trees, leaves turning early, falling early, etc.

I have loved the nice weather as I was able to spend nearly every day reading outside (except for the few days it rained).  Even when it was hot, the wind made it bearable.

I've spent a little mad money on thing for myself, which is unusual.  The last massage I got was outstanding.  The music in the background made me feel like I was out of this world.  Hard to explain unless you've been there.

After I payed for the massage, I noticed a beautiful watch.  I bought it.  I don't know why.  I rarely wear watches and I have another one I bought sitting on the sink at home.   I've only worn the newest one one time. 

Heather loved my new watch, maybe I should give it to her.....can't decide.  Do you have anything you buy, even though you don't wear it, normally?  Just wondering if I'm the only one who makes these impulsive buys, or not.