Christmas is Getting Closer

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I have, but I tend to start in the summer.  I buy extra cleaning products for my kids from Melaleuca which I buy normally just for us.

One year, I decided to buy some for the kids.  I don't even know if the kids like it that I do this.  I've told each of them, if you don't like these products, I won't buy them for you.  No one has said anything about not liking it.

The hard part is finding places to store the things I buy until our Christmas Eve get together rolls around.  I used to buy sweatshirts and pants for the grandkids.  One time I bought  carhartt jackets for men for the guys.

Nowadays we give the kids a check for their whole families and let them buy the gifts themselves.  That way they know what their families need.  And we don't have to go shopping, which is hard on my back.

Remember, if you shop early, you don't have a painful month in December running around and putting out money all at once.