Sunday Supper

Sunday at around 4:30 PM, Josh called me and asked if we'd made supper plans yet.  Since we hadn't, I started getting excited and then Josh invited us to have it with them.  I asked what they were having and he answered, "cavatelli".  Yum.  Shelley had made it before leaving and it would be ready any time.

I called Steve and asked if he wanted to meet me at Josh's to eat and he agreed, after asking what we should bring.  I called Jay back and he said just to bring something for us to drink if we didn't want iced tea or water.  Calling Steve again, we decided he'd pick up a package of salad premade and Ranch dressing.

I let Jay know we'd bring salad and dressing and he asked me if I wanted to get the DVD '2016' again.  That way Shelley and Steve would be able to see it.  Then I really got excited as I think everyone needs to see that movie before voting.  It's actually a documentary about President Obama, his book 'Dreams From My Father', and his years leading up to the presidency.

We watched the movie after eating and paused it a lot to discuss what we'd seen.  Voting night is eight days from today.  After everyone votes and the new president is selected, I believe we all need to concentrate on our finances and investments.

It is important to get our priorities in order to insure our children and grandchildren are not paying the cost of this country's debt.  Do you have your finances in order?