It Says It's 70

The thermometer says it is 70 degrees, however, it has rained all night and some of the morning and there's a slight chill in the air.

I really dread winter coming as I do not like the cold weather.   I think I need to get something warmer to wear this year.

Saturday I went to Josh's for bar-b-que for supper.  There was chicken, steak, and ribs to choose from.  Steve II fixed me a plate of ribs and a salad and it was outstanding (as usual).  I sat at the table with Syd, Tay, Josh, and Shelley and we ate till we could eat no more.

Shelley made cookies after that, and I, of course, had to try them, too.  Yummy.  A while later, Shelley poured me some egg nog and I was truly sated.