Singing the Computer Blues

So, do any of you live out in the country (boonies) like we do?  No cable, no dial-up, nothing except satellite.  Satellite, you say?  Isn't that supposed to be fast?  One would think so.  Not!

We used to have dial-up once upon a time when we had a home phone.  Then came the cell-phone phase.  Why do we need a home phone, when we both have cells?  So, we get rid of the dial-up and the home phone.  Guess what!  They no longer have dial-up in this area.

Can I tell you my computer is slow?  Well it is.  And I'm tired of it.  Sick and tired.  I now know the reason I cannot use my laptop in the living room.  We need a new router.  Yes, the one we have was given to us and it is old.  Must not be very strong.

Anyhoo, we will buy a new router; but, if the speed of my computer doesn't speed up soon, I may commit hari kari (sp?)  I thought about throwing this out the window, but it does work fast at my sister's house and the next door neighbors.  Guess I'll keep it.