Hurricane Sandy

Wow, the east coast is really getting hammered.  Hurricane Sandy is getting ready to land.  Not only, that, there is a winter storm that will collide with it and those areas may get fourteen to fifteen inches of snow.

With all the draught the Midwest had this summer, it is amazing that the east coast is getting either water or snow in a tremendous storm.  MidAmerican Energy from Iowa has already arrived in the areas that are having lines go down, to help them out.  There are 3/4 of a million people without power thus far.

I cannot even imagine living in the area that is being so hard hit.  We have our tornadoes, they have their hurricanes.  With all that going on, in Manhattan there is a large crane has been knocked over (on top of a large apartment building) and is dangling.  The winds were gusting up to 40 mph, tonight the winds will gust up to 70 to 80 mph.

Please pray for those in the storm area and the area where the crane is as it could become a missile if it is knocked off that building.  I wonder if there are any pipe clamps in this area.

The New York bridges are closed, the trains and subways are shut down, it must be a catastrophe there if the people did not evacuate.

Your prayers are needed!