Last Saturday I arrived at Ab's at 3:45 PM to watch the kidlets while she went to their friend's wedding (Justin was in the wedding).

First off, after Kayla hid from me, Aiden came toddling over with his hands up.  I just love it when my grandkids love me!  Kayla and I played Chutes and Ladders for a while, and also watched Aiden play in Kayla's room.

After that, Aiden walked around holding Kayla's slippers that look like cars from that movie.  I took them outside for a while (backyard) to play and then in the house to make supper (yummy).  We had Chicken a la King over rice.  We all licked our bowls (not seriously, just I did), but the kids ate all of theirs, too.

When you are watching little ones, you start to think about finances and wills, etc.  You want to make sure your kids are taken care of if the worst happens to you.  I'm going to talk to Abby and Justin about annuity rates comparisons.  Never too soon to be looking around to secure your future.

I'd expected them to be home really late and they were home before midnight.  Awesome!  Until the next time, watch out for deer on the roads.