Friday With Steve II

Steve and I have been spending Fridays together and it has been really great.  No matter what else we do, we go to Taco Bell for lunch (like the old days).

This Friday we went to my chiropractor appointment, then on to Taco Bell.  Yummy!  I don't think we did anything else after that except drove on to Steve's apartment.  He said he would go on in and start vacuuming the apartment (I'm allergic to cats and he has two).

I figured I'd take my time going in so he'd get the vacuuming done.  Great idea, right?  Wrong.  I made it fine down to the outside door of the building.  Opened the door, put my hand on the inside handle of the door, and stepped up with my left foot (right leg is weaker than the left).  As I stepped up, I put pressure on the door handle to help and the door started opening more and down I went. 

It took a while to get inside the building, but I finally made it.   I went down the stairs very carefully and into his apartment.  I told him what happened and he felt really bad.  Normally, he opens doors for me and helps me get inside.  He got out his BioFreeze and I put it on my him, knee, and neck.  Felt a little better after that.

He and Steve (Sr.) think it's my shoes that make me fall; but I've had them forever and haven't fallen for a couple years now.  I'll be more careful in the future.