4 New Tires

Steve went to Des Moines to get my tire fixed.  Naturally, the nail (or whatever) was too close to the sidewall to repair.  Boy, have I ever heard that phrase before.

Also, the last time he had the oil changed, he was told we needed all new tires before winter.  So, he decided (after calling me a few times) to get the tires today.  Of course, they cannot put them on for a few hours.  So, he's gallivanting (his words) around until time to get them put on.

Then, we will tackle the problem of getting a new bearing, but that's another story.  It's a good thing we're not rich (or not), because then we'd need a CPA.  As it is, I think we can handle our own taxes and bills.

We may not file on time, but, when you get a refund, there's really no deadline.  We did just send State in about a week ago.  I know....a little late, but, if you don't send it in early, you don't spend it early!