I Love Music

If you've been reading my blog, you know how much I love music.  I had planned to go get Steve a birthday card today.  Since I was so sick last night and today, that didn't happen.  Steve and I usually get a card and put cash in it so we can get what we want.

Great intentions, huh?  Don't leave things to the last minute.  Since I didn't have a card I just gave him this little guitar key chain that I bought online about three or four weeks ago.  It is so cute.  He showed it to his Mom and she really liked it.

Even though it's Steve's birthday, I'll be the one getting the gift...when he plays his guitar later on.  I hope that someday our family will have enough music going on that we will be known.

My oldest daughter leads the children's worship at our church.  They just sang their songs so well, I just loved it.  Watching them sing was a blessing.