My Favorite Bookmark

My sister, Sue, from Council Bluffs gave me my favorite bookmark.  The top says "I Love You, Sister" and has a ribbon with a metal "LOVE' threaded through the bookmark.

The rest says, "Our hearts have grown closer with the passing of time.  Through the ups and downs of life, we've come to understand what it means to have each other.  Sometimes we talk often... sometimes not.  It doesn't seem to matter - the feelings of closeness remain with me because I know you are always there.  I love you, Sister... What a blessing it is to call you mine!" 

It has a little girl on it holding a flower and it is made by Blue Mountain Arts.  One of their 'children of the inner light' series.  I just love it.  It's protected by plastic and will last for a long time.  I will keep this one forever, not because it's neat, but because of what it stands for.  Thank you, Sue!