It Will Be a White Christmas

Yesterday was our first storm of the year (snow-wise).  Over all we received 12 inches of snow, whiteout conditions.  Gotta love it.  Before long, Abby called as she couldn't reach Heather.

Before long, Heather called.  They and Josh's family were without electricity.  I told her they were welcome to come out to our house.  She didn't want to leave the birds, cats, or dogs in the cold house.  They were going to try to get wood to burn in the fireplace.   I know she'd rather be singing karaoke music at Ace Karaoke then dealing with keeping the house warm.

Before long, Justin arrived with a load of wood (Oak) for them.  Steve decided to see if the old heater in our garage would work.  After seeing it still worked, loaded that and what wood he could find under the snow, he took of to go to Heather's to get them some heat going. 

By then, Josh's area had their electricity back on.  Weird that Heather's area was still out.  After about 20 minutes, Steve called me to tell me his truck was stuck.  I tried to find a number for the neighbor down the road with no luck.  I let Steve know and he said he'd just continue trying to dig himself out.

After about a half hour, he called and said he made it to the interstate after getting the truck unstuck.  I tried calling Heather as by then it was after 10:30 PM.  Neither she nor Pato answered their phones.  Oh, well, if their asleep, they'll be surprised when he gets there.

Keep reading to find out the ending....