That Time of the Month

You're probably thinking the wrong thing.  I'm talking about taking the pill to strengthen my bones.  And it is the only reason I've been up since 5:45.

Actually, I probably had a total of one hour sleep last night.  Started feeling sick to my stomach around 9:30 last night.  I thought maybe it was what I had for supper (one of those ring-type meats, not bologna but one of the others).  We had sauerkraut with it to cut the grease, and biscuits with butter and honey.  Then I ate more than I should.

After finishing with nothing in my stomach (you get the idea), I started drinking water and finally had a tangerine.  Later in the night, it came up, too.  Plus ending up on the pot with a wastebasket in my hands.  Couldn't sleep much after that.

Finally, I decided to get up and take that little pill and drink water.  Maybe in 23 minutes, I'll be able to get some sleep.  At this point, doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere tonight for Steve's birthday.  Bummer!