What An Adventure

What started out as a normal trip to church on Wednesday night.  The exception being, Steve was asked to lead the Bible study as the Pastor Jeff had to take his wife to the hospital as she has kidney stones.

We stopped at the Assisted Living Center to pick up Steve's Mom.  As I backed the car up, I could hear a noise that was different.  Steve got out and as I pulled the car forward, he told me to stop.  I had a flat, down to the rim.

By then it was about three minutes till we were due at the church.  Steve called the pastor and let him know we would be delayed.  Pastor Jeff said he'd call someone else to lead the study.

By the time we made it to the church, the study was over (it was after 8 PM).  So, we drove Mom back home, called it an adventure, and went home.  What a day!