Everyone Survived

Steve made it to Heather's and he went right to work getting the generator hooked up.  After that, they plugged in the heater and refrigerator (I asked  Heather if they had the refrigerator hooked up yet.  Apparently, everyone forgot about the refrigerator till then).

He had to find a way to the fireplace to clear an area to put the wood when he brought it in.  The floor was body to body, not counting the animals.  After everything was done, he called me and let me know he was going to stay there the night rather than face our road again.

The thought of being here alone all night made me think about immediately going to bed to dream of patagonia clothes.   Of course, I didn't go right to bed cause I hate sleeping alone. 

I watched DVDs, read part of a good book, and got through all my emails.  Yep, I said all of them.  Me, the one who had 5,000 unread emails a few months ago.  I got it down to 3,000 and felt pretty good about it.  Now, I normally have between 30 to 50 a day.  And I usually get through them all!