4th of July

I hope all of you had a great fourth! Holidays are always wonderful when you are surrounded by your family. My sons' families had other plans but both Heather and Abby's families came out and we had a great time.

Although we told Heather we would be meeting after eating supper, she and Pato brought out brats, chicken legs, and hamburger to cook up on the grill. (Their grill, I might add, as ours burned our food the last two times we used it. The flames had to be doused with water, even turning off the gas did not stop the fire.)

By the time the food was done, everyone's appetites seemed to have perked to life again. I must admit, I passed up the jello/cool whip combo and cake, but the smell of the chicken had me begging for a leg. It was pretty good, too!

Theresa and Jade came out with Abby and Justin. We always love having them over, and sitting around the campfire is out of this world when it is shared with family and friends. Of course, Theresa and Jade are family now that Justin and Abby are married. Just a few days away will be the celebration of their one year anniversary.

They brought ultrasound pics of my new granddaughter! They are 4-D and really look like a live baby, it's so incredable. She is so cute! I almost felt like I could cradle her in my arms. Plus, Abby called me this morning. Her name will be Mikayla Corey! Is that cute, or what! Mikayla will be grandchild #8 and with Heather expecting again, #9 is on its way too. Life is so grand!

With gas prices what they are, I think we need to listen to the money people and start placing a tenth of what we earn into savings or let a futures broker invest for us. I have been putting my rollovers with my nephew's company in Alabama and he's done well for me. Whatever you decide, invest well! Halfmoon