Sick of the Gas Prices?

I don't know about you but I have about had it! I was just told the gas price today in West Des Moines is $3.91 a gallon. I have been staying home rather than getting out to do things to keep my mind off the pain I am in. It really is hard when you are used to going somewhere every day.
I haven't been going to water therapy to cut back on my trips to Des Moines. My back is getting worse each day. I really need to get back into the movement in water so I can be in less pain.

Steve has been thinking about buying a small car to drive around in rather than replacing his truck with a new truck. He'd just keep his Dakota for those times when you need a truck.

I've considered telling him to look at some used Harleys so he could really save on gas, but the chance of living through an accident stops me from doing so.

I've been driving 58 miles an hour on the interstate for quite some time now instead of 70. The result is getting 29 - 30 mpg whereas driving the speed limit cuts that down to 25 - 27 mpg. Yes, I'm that little old lady in front of you who is not going 70. People get angry, I just smile knowing I'm getting way better gas mileage than they are! What are you doing to save on gas? Halfmoon

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