Time with Abby

I went to Abby's today to have a little time together. They still have some rearranging to do since moving back in (from the flood evacuation). The things left to go through are things that were brought up from the basement. There was a floor jack to move but it was too heavy for either of us to move around (at least there weren't any air tools).

While she worked on that I did what few dishes she had in the sink, then we took a break for lunch. Cream of Mushroom soup and crackers, yum! I was raised on it and we had it a lot when our kids were young because I loved it so much.

After she finished what she needed to get done, she showed me two baskets and a few sacks full of baby clothes that have been given to her (or she got at yard sales). Little girl clothes are soooo adorable. I can hardly wait until Mikayla makes her debut into the world.

I just know she'll love her grandma! Katiana and Alyce both come running with smiling faces when they see me. Then they both want in my lap. It is so grand (I suppose that's why we're called grandmas). Taylor and Jordan don't do the running part anymore or grab me to hug me (ok, Jordan does once in a while), but they get a smile on their faces when they say hi. Of course, I make them give me the requisite hug (what's life without hugs?). Sydney still does the running and hugging, though. She's probably too young to feel awkward yet, or maybe it's because she doesn't see me as much as the others do.

That's it for now, until I have another daughter, son, or grandchild story for you. Halfmoon