Anniversary Celebration

Steve and I celebrated our 31st anniversary this weekend. He had to work on July 9th so we decided to hold off celebrating till we could have time together after the fact. A nice gift might be luxury watches, I would rather spend quality time with Steve.

We went to watch Hancock at the theatre and it was pretty good. It had a few surprising turns in it but I made it through without crying and liked the ending (personally, I would have ended it differently, but that's the way it is usually with most shows I see).

After leaving the movie, my right thumb joint started throbbing. I looked through my purse and bag for my thumb stabilizer with no result. I started getting upset as it was the first time I'd worn this one as I'd thrown my first one in the dirty clothes to be washed and got my second one out to wear until it was done. I remember having it on after we left Burger King as I showed Steve that I had gotten ketchup on it (the first time I wear it I get it dirty).

I remember taking it off as it was making my thumb go completely numb and it was driving me crazy. But where did I do that? I looked through my purse and bag three times to no avail. We went back to the theatre and asked if anyone had turned it in. They hadn't seen it and let us walk back into the show area to look for it. Nope! Not there either.

By the time we got back to the car I was getting very upset. I looked into my purse one more time and there it was. Have you ever done that? I had taken almost everything out of the purse looking for it. Oh, brother!

Anyway, after all that we drove to Holiday Inn on Mill Civic in the Jordan Creek area. We had reservations there. Steve and I really love sitting in the hot tub down in the pool area. I love it for my back, Steve needed it to destress from working 12 hour days. After that Steve took me to Prairie Meadows to throw some money away (which we did). Winning would have made it more fun, of course, but we had a good time.

Back to the Holiday Inn for some zzzz's and then on to Perkins for a fantastic breakfast. It was a wonderful weekend. You need to do that once in a while to break up the monotony in life. Hope you all had a great weekend too! Halfmoon