I'm Truly Sick of Cherries

Well, last Sunday we picked most of the cherries off the cherry tree. I say 'we' loosely as I only picked those on the branches growing out of the third of the tree that was struck by the oak tree that fell on it a few years ago. Amazingly, although the tree split at the trunk (1/3 and 2/3), and a third of the tree was gone except the bottom three feet, branches grew on that third and actually produced cherries this year.

We had a huge bowl, a large colander, and a roasting pan full of cherries. At that point I persuaded Steve to leave the rest of the cherries in the tree top. (He was relieved, I think, as it would have been dangerous to climb that high on the ladder and he was tired of picking, too.)

Heather and I washed and pitted 15 cups of cherries the first day. Steve washed (?) and pitted eight cups the next day. I washed and pitted 4 cups that same day and since I cannot stand at the sink for more than ten minutes without pain, I sat at the dining room table and washed cherries in the roaster which was not comfortable either.

Last night I gave Linda 12 cups to take home and we still have half to three-quarters of the large bowl left. By now, they are not faring so well and I vote we throw the rest out. My fingernails are stained pink on the undersides. I need to think of something besides cherries as they are driving me insane.

I've been thinking about baby gifts and cannot decide what to get little Mikela. Any suggestions would be welcome. Until the next episode, have a wonderful day! Halfmoon